Lesley Paterson

3-Time Triathlon World Champion and Mountain Bike Champion

While growing up, Lesley’s ‘thing’ was rugby…yes you heard it right, rugby! She loved to get dirty and she loved to fight boys.  However, as with most good things in life, it came to an end. She was too old to play with the boys, so she found an equally crazy sport called triathlon. Since the tender age of 14, she has competed all over the world for the British and Scottish triathlon team.

However, as most young athletes do, she got disillusioned with the sport. Sick of being last in drafting races and constantly banging her head off a brick wall with swimming, she gave it up! She met her husband Simon Marshall and together they moved to San Diego.

Lesley continued to pursue her creative side and decided to do her Masters degree in Theater. She flourished under her new found career path and began climbing her next impossible ladder to success: Hollywood.  Lesley was in several independent films before she met her now writing-producing partner Ian Stokell. Together they formed their own production company called Sliding Down Rainbows Entertainment Inc., and have since produced several short films.

So, through all of this soul searching and artistic expression (not to mention 5 years), she actually realized she missed competing. Les started slowly with running, and after winning a few races, she found that she had a different approach to the sport. This time around it felt more mature and she truly enjoyed training and racing.  After realizing she was done with draft racing she found the sport that fit her strengths, Xterra!  Dirt, hills and cool people!

The rest is history as they say.  Lesley has dominated the Xterra scene over the past several years.  She has also had a fair share of success at the 70.3 distance and even mountain bike racing.  Lesley also owns Braveheart Coaching business with her husband Simon.  Braveheart Coaching is growing by the minute!

Lesley by the Numbers
  • 3 World Champion Titles (2 Xterra, 1 ITU Cross)
  • 17 Independent films she has acted in
  • 1st Place at 2013 Whiskey 50 Mountain Bike Race and Tahoe 100
  • 5 Feet tall (she a little one, but can probably kick your ass)
  • 6 Number of ripped abs that everyone wished they had (check out her DVD 6min6pack.com)
  • 12 and 18, days following wrist surgery she won an Olympic road triathlon (12) and the Tahoe Trail 100km Mtn Bike race (18)
  • 5 Races finished 1st in 2015

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