Mendez Victorious at XTERRA World Championship with Paterson Taking 2nd Place and Hoffman Keeping Double Title while Vodičková Steps Up to Challenge Podium: Weekend Wrap-Up

It was a championship weekend for the Human Interest/Professional Triathlon crew: Mauricio Mendez won XTERRA World Championship while Lesley Paterson took second place at the annual off-road triathlon competition on Maui. Ben Hoffman scored the fastest combined time from the IRONMAN and XTERRA World Championships, and Radka Vodičková earned her ninth podium spot of the year at Challenge Kanchanaburi.

“Obviously, Mau had a phenomenal day taking the title of XTERRA World Champion. We’re thrilled for him and this accomplishment,” said Human Interest Group Director Michael Cardoza. “Mau trains hard, delivers on race day and loves the sport so it’s always great when an athlete like him claims a world title and having just turned 21 means we haven’t seen all that Mau can do for the sport.”

“We’re also super proud of Lesley standing on the XTERRA world championship podium another year. It’s even more satisfying considering the challenges early in the race. But she’s a winner and doesn’t stop.”

With Ben having the best combined time between the two world championships and Radka once again fighting her way to the podium, it was a great weekend. Congrats Mau, Lesley, Ben and Radka!”

Triathlon Prodigy Mauricio Mendez Crowned 2016 XTERRA World Champion

In his third year as a pro, triathlon prodigy Mauricio Mendez was crowned XTERRA World Champion this weekend during one of the toughest races in the history of the XTERRA championships due to raging waves, muddy trails, and intense competition.

Starting the bike leg after coming third out of the rough swim, Mendez was in the top three for most of the ride across the Maui mountain trails. Mendez next stayed strong and fast on the run to catch up and then pass the leader with only one mile remaining in the race.

Mendez crossed the finish line with a time of 2:49:38, about three minutes ahead of runner-up Ruben Ruzafa and with the fastest run split of the day. Mendez’s official splits were swim (20:33), bike (1:46:59), and run (42:06).

“I had all the momentum from my life, I felt amazing. I was really tired, but something switched in my mind one-mile before the finish and it clicked. I saw Ruben and I just attacked, and was able to sustain it through the finish,” Mendez told XTERRA after the race.

Lesley Paterson Takes Second at XTERRA World Championship

After battling ferocious waves on the swim, two-time XTERRA World Champion Lesley Paterson pulled together solid splits – swim (27:03), bike (2:08:25), and run (49:33) – for a final time of 3:25:01 and second place. This was the third time in four years that Paterson has taken the second spot.

“Body in general held up really well,” explained Paterson to XTERRA. “I was really chuffed and I got on the run and actually felt sort of quick so that was the easiest part of the race I’d say. Only in so much as it wasn’t so muddy by that point. And I seemed to be more in control of the elements.”

Hoffman Keeps Outrigger Resorts Double Title for Second Year in Row

Following his 4th place – and top American – finish at IRONMAN World Championship two weeks ago, Ben Hoffman competed at the XTERRA World Championship to retain his Outrigger Resorts Double title, an award for the fastest combined time from the two World Championships. Hoffman finished the XTERRA race in 3:01:41, giving him a combined time of 11:14:41 and allowing him to keep the Double title for another year. Hoffman finished seventh among the XTERRA Pro men.

Vodičková Runs to Third Place in Thailand at Challenge Kanchanaburi

Extending her streak to nine appearances on the podium this year, Radka Vodičková claimed third place at Challenge Kanchanaburi in Thailand with a final time of 4:53:56. She began the race first out of the water, and despite a mechanical failure during the bike, regained a lead position on the run to finish in the top three. Her run of 1:32:01 was the fastest women’s split during the day.

XTERRA World Championship – Men Pros

Mauricio Mendez (MEX)         2:48:38

Ruben Ruzafa (ESP)                        2:51:02

Ben Allen (AUS)                               2:53:49

(7) Ben Hoffman (USA)            3:01:41


XTERRA World Championship – Women Pros

Flora Duffy (CZE)                            3:14:59

Lesley Paterson (GBR)              3:25:01

Suzie Snyder (USA)                         3:29:03


Challenge Kanchanaburi/Thailand

Amelia Rose Watkinson (NZL)      4:43:38

Robin Pomeroy (USA)                     4:50:09

Radka Vodičková (CZE)            4:53:46

Mendez Victorious at XTERRA World Championship with Paterson Taking 2nd Place and Hoffman Keeping Double Title while Vodičková Steps Up to Challenge Podium: Weekend Wrap-UpHIG